Creating urban opportunities for natural growth

Young boy sitting on the tree
Young girl playing with the paper plane
Children playing in the open
Group of children playing in the open

At Barefoot, this is what we believe ....

  • Play that is fun and driven by children is as important to children as food, water, sleep, love, shelter and healthcare
  • Play is how children practice, master and extend their skills
  • Access to natural environments is essential to lifelong happiness and health
  • Opportunities to assess and manage age appropriate risk provides opportunities to develop and learn
  • Time, space and freedom from interruptions is essential to positive mental health 
  • Many children today miss out on the above and children need advocates who understand child development
At Barefoot, we cherish children and childhood and aim to provide outdoor play opportunities that are fun and develop the whole child.  The research is undeniable, children who are given these opportunities are more likely to:
  • Be playful and have fun
  • Socialize, consider others and show empathy
  • Think outside the box
  • Solve their own problems or ask for help
  • Discover, practice and master new skills
  • Create, innovate and be flexible
  • Consider a variety of options and be adaptable
  • Communicate and negotiate
  • Stick with something until it is finished
  • Be self directed and self regulated
  • Develop their imagination

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