To explain Barefoot Nature Play in a bit more detail, here’s the thoughts of Harry who is 11 years old. Harry is one of our 
Barefoot Kids who came to the Time Travellers Program in January 2016.

Barefoot was all about getting outside… no indoors and just seeing what it’s like to be outside - no electronics and using things around you like sticks, stones and other stuff to make all sort of different things like time machines, axes etc. Kind of like Minecraft, but using the things in your environment.

I had lots of fun. The best thing was when we built a time machine. We built it out of pipes, tyres and other stuff we found. My friend and I had the idea and we all worked together to make it happen. We did other stuff too. We went fishing, played in the creek... my sister really liked playing in the mud.

There was this really cool cubby house. I don’t know who built it but it was good fun. We had a camp area which was like our headquarters.

I learnt that being outside is more fun than you think because I always thought outside was really boring. Barefoot taught me that going outside is very, very fun. It made me use my mind to do other things rather than just watching tv or playing on my gadgets, which Mum & Dad hates.

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