We offer professional development training services to support your journey to incorporate developmentally appropriate unstructured play opportunities into the lives of the children you care for or are users of your space. 

Our training services can be tailored to meet the needs of your centre/service or space but could include: 
  • The importance of play in a child’s development 
  • How play changes as a child develops 
  • The decline of outdoor play, why this is a problem and what can we do about it 
  • Playing with loose objects – how we can put Fisher Price out of business and save for a great holiday along the way   
  • Creating a play space that entices children to play and explore   
  • The role of adults in facilitating play – from hovering worries to being absent and everything in between   
  • Can we really do this? How to keep the insurance companies and lawyers off your back   
  • The adults and workforce of the to support development of skills that will allow our children to develop into contributing and happy adults 
  • Education and play – do they have to be mutually exclusive?  
We are also able to come to your service and undertake an assessment as to opportunities that exist in your environment to incorporate unstructured play philosophies as part of your program.

Our mission is to create urban opportunities for natural growth
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