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Spring flowers. Beautiful Orchard.


At Barefoot Nature Play's St Paul's School site there is a hill. The Hill is the quickest but not the easiest path to the toilets, our storage shed and to the ovals and paddocks where we venture to explore. The Hill is steep, has loose dirt coupled with patches of long grass. Over time, the grass on The Hill has been worn down, foot holes have been dug and a rope has been tied to the tree branch at the top of The Hill to help climbers pull themselves up. Standing at the bottom of The Hill, our Barefoot Kids have displayed a range of strong emotions…incredulity, fear, scepticism, disbelief, wonder, amazement, determination, exhaustion. During the climb, all this seems to fade away and is replaced at the top by a positive sense of achievement, self-esteem and self-satisfaction.

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What a wonderful summer at Barefoot Nature Play….lots of fun, mud, smiles, creativity and determination. Thanks to our Barefoot Kids for bringing along so much enthusiasm, energy and imagination to each of our programs – Christmas Where the Gumtrees Grow, Outdoor Adventure and Time Travellers.
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The question that we’ve also been asked a lot and was less expected is “are the children allowed to play barefoot?” We’ve found ourselves staring quizzically and on one occasion with a gaping jaw, before regrouping and answering “but, of course!” We’ve been left with a feeling that perhaps the joys of walking on grass barefoot or feeling mud squelch between your toes, not to mention the indisputable health benefits of walking barefoot, have become yet another victim of our risk adverse society.
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