The Barefoot Box is a systemised loose parts play installation designed by us for use by children that can be tailor made to suit all needs, locations and budgets. In the United Kingdom a similar installation is known as a ‘play pod’. In developing The Barefoot Box, Barefoot Nature Play has taken an innovative, fresh and unique approach to the ‘play pod’ idea to suit Australian child services environment.

The Barefoot Box is filled with loose parts play materials to promote open-ended, self-directed play opportunities, should the children choose to interact with it. To the untrained eye the loose parts are little more than recycled industrial off-cuts and other clean waste that would have found its way to landfill but for The Barefoot Box. But … to the children, the old car tyres, long cardboard tubing, pvc pipes, material, foam and the like present a whole world of imaginative play possibilities. The loose parts supplied as part of The Barefoot Box may seem random, but they are not. Each item is carefully selected to achieve a complete creative loose parts play installation for the particular environment, location and age ranges of the children.
Barefoot Nature Play understands the huge demands already placed on teaching and children’s services staff and for that reason The Barefoot Box has been designed to minimise the time and effort associated with its implementation and day to day use.

The particular skill of Barefoot Nature Play is the ability to utilise educational and paediatric occupational therapy theories to assess the needs of each client and to design a particular solution for the needs of each client (including the selection and supply of materials to be included in The Barefoot Box) within their budgetary limitations.

Our services include the provision of professional training and support services about loose parts play and use of The Barefoot Box as necessary to maximize the enormous benefits and fun packaged in The Barefoot Box, cleverly disguised as loose parts.

The Barefoot Box would enhance the unstructured play opportunities for children in a range of environments, including:
  • Early childhood care providers (child care centres, kindergartens and preschools) 
  • Playgroups
  • Primary Schools 
  • After hours school care providers 
  • Vacation care providers 
  • Specialised services for special needs or disadvantaged children 
  • Local councils and other community groups 
If you are interested in The Barefoot Box for your service, Council or community group please contact us and together we can explore the range of solutions available to meet your needs.

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