Creating urban opportunities for natural growth

Madeline Avci kid photo

Madeline Avci

Madeline is our program development manager. She is a paediatric Occupational Therapist and registered Teacher who has worked with children for over twenty years in Australia, America and Turkey. She is also the mother of three energetic and imaginative boys. Madeline is a big advocate for encouraging children to explore the outdoors, whether it be in their own backyard or on big adventures. Both at work and through her own children she sees time and time again, the joy in children’s eyes as they rise up to meet the challenges that nature provides. The development of Barefoot Nature Play brings together all of Madeline’s experience in a way that offers children a ‘just right’ experience in a world that often feels too hurried, stressed and chaotic.
Madeline Avci kid photo

Sally Armitage

Sally is our business development manager. She grew up in rural Queensland and spent much of her childhood running free in the bush amongst the snakes and spiders and climbing everything she could, before she could even walk. As a mother of two girls born and being raised in the city, Sally has witnessed the often detrimental effects on children who are deprived of the outdoors freedom she enjoyed and cherished as a child. Sally is a lawyer and has practiced in predominantly commercial areas across a range of businesses over the past 20 years. Combining her passion for the Barefoot Nature Play philosophy and her legal and business experience, Sally works to ensure that the business and programs meet all required standards.    
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